Commercial Roofing Lexington, KY

Whether it be an existing roof system or new construction, Pearce-Blackburn can assist.

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Roof Asset Management

Our professional team offers many different options for roof maintenance services.

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Coatings and restorations can be performed on all types of commercial roof systems.

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Leak Detection

Every leak detection team has a combined 15 yrs. experience in commercial roofing.

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After 45 Years in Business

We are still providing customer service driven solutions

Our goal at Pearce-Blackburn is to provide our clients with the most effective and economic solution to ensure they receive the maximum life out of their roof system.

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What is Reflectance?

  • The sun’s energy (heat) bouncing off roof surface and not being absorbed. Reflectance measures a roof’s ability to reflect UV light.

What is a Cool Roof?

  • Cool Roofs absorb less than 35% of the sun’s energy striking the roof, which results in reduced heat transfer into the building and reduces energy costs and thermal expansion of the building envelope. To be “Cool” a roof must have a high percentage of both Reflectance and Emittance.

What is Emittance?

  • Not all energy bounces off; some is absorbed. Emittance measures the ability to release heat.